Biopsy is a method of obtaining cells or tissues from a patient for conducting a histological examination for diagnostic purposes.
Depending on the method of obtaining a biopsy, there are several types of biopsies:
Excision biopsy — removal of an organ or a pathological formation completely during a surgical operation
Incisional biopsy is the removal of a part of an organ or a pathological formation, which is also performed during a surgical operation
Endoscopic biopsy-obtaining tissue fragments using an optical device-an endoscope
Puncture biopsy-obtaining tissue fragments using a hollow puncture needle
Aspiration biopsy-consists in aspiration (suction) of a tissue sample of the examined organ into the catheter by creating negative pressure.
A pipel biopsy of the endometrium is a type of aspiration biopsy.
Aspiration biopsy can be performed on an outpatient basis without the use of anesthesia or under local anesthesia.